As an Indian Man, I’m Sorry


Every day I come back to the hostel room and dive into the world of social media. Every day, there’s only one thing that remains constant. How an Indian woman’s daily chores include a case of harassment by a sick, twisted man.

In our country, women are treated as objects of sex. We see them, not just below us. We also fail to see them as humans, who have no value beyond satisfying our sexual needs. We put women and cows on the same pedestal due to religious sentiments, Indian culture and values. That is true. How do we treat cows? We pray to them when everyone’s watching, and then seek its blessings in a cheeseburger.

Just today, I went through an article by Being Indian. A working woman in Delhi was harassed by her Uber driver. He asked her everything a sick stalker would, and he didn’t just ask her to leave the cab in the middle of the road, he even called her up, pretending to be customer care.

However, it’s not the shame or the moral judgement that I want to pass here, with this post. Millions have already done that.

It’s just that, there’s no use in voicing your opinion anymore at all, regarding feminism or any such thing.

When the unfortunate and brutal case of Nirbhaya shocked our nation, it actually did leave an impact on our minds. We felt guilt, shame and the case made Indian men think of themselves as trash. Today, years later, there’s a case, almost as brutal as hers, almost every day. However, we just scroll through it, like it’s a meme.

A woman voicing herself out is a cry ringing on deaf ears today. We’ve reached a point, where this probably won’t stop. The fear of being caught and punished is lesser than the desire for cheap, demeaning, sexual, perverted thoughts, being ready to be put into action. We’re at a point where we’ve been made to fear objectification and rape so much, that now there’s no fear left in us at all. Surely, for many of us, men, love isn’t a four-letter word anymore. Lust is.

And I can’t apologise. There’s no use since apologies are for mistakes that will not be repeated.

Article contributed by:

Ritwick Hota

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