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It’s not usual for an engineering student to skip classes to watch a movie. At least, the one I know doesn’t do that, especially when he’s seen the movie already. But, this movie is an exception. I think that speaks for itself on how awesome this movie is, but I would like to share my views on how I felt about the film.

For one, I did not watch the other movies that relate to references in Avenger: Infinity War. Yes, I did not watch Thor: Ragnarok or The Black Panther or any of the other movies until after watching this film. But, that did not stop me and the small inputs I got from time to time helped. And now that I have watched all the movies that I needed to watch, the context of the film became clearer.

Directed by the Russo Brothers, being the 19th Marvel film, has made it to the top of the list of the most grossed movie with over $640.9 million worldwide. It features numerous characters from across the Marvel Universe, including Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Spiderman, played by Tom Holland. It also includes the latest entrant of the Marvel world, The Black Panther.

The Marvel films are known for its amazing action sequences, plot twists and remarkable characters. But what gets anyone hooked is the unique sense of humour that they bring into each movie. Yes, they all revolve around some very serious stories of how their ancestors were wronged or how they need to save the universe. But, it is a ‘marvel’ to see how they insert these tiny bits of humour here and there to lighten up the mood. But, let me just say, this film is quite serious for the most part and is definitely more serious than Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy. Those two movies just crack me up. Don’t get me started on Thor and Hulk, or Korg, for that matter.

Over the years, the Marvel movies have gained so much momentum and fame. That’s all thanks to the casting and the unimaginable story-lines that they come up with, not to mention the camera work and the killer editing skills. But, I think they have outdone themselves with this movie. Do you want to know why? It’s the first film where people don’t know what to make of the antagonist. Is he really ruthlessly bad? Does he have some good inside of him because of his feelings for another? How did he sacrifice something he loved? What’s his end game? Some of us empathize with him. People usually don’t do that. At first, everyone probably thinks he’s the worst, but when you think about it, he has a different plan all together that will be revealed only in the next movie. He sacrifices something he truly loves for it, so it seems to be for the greater good of the universe. At least, I hope to think so. This is probably the part that confuses everyone. I mean, he sheds a tear.

All in all, this film always keeps you second guessing and just holding on to the seats like your life depends on it. Watching it in 3D does help. You feel involved. But, don’t worry. You won’t die. We have the Hulk.

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Roshni Rajagopal
Head - HR & In-house Writer

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