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The thought of Kodaikanal brings back fond memories from my childhood days. It is such a beautiful hill station that is why it is aptly termed ‘The Princess of Hill Stations’. Any mention, anytime regarding a trip to Kodai will always be a nodded yes. Off we went on a quickly planned trip to Kodai with one of our family friends. Driving down was pleasurable in the wee hours of the morning but not so pleasurable as we approached Kodai. The long winding queue of vehicles climbing up took away three solid hours from our much awaited arrival at Kodai Resort Hotel. As we were approaching the turn to the resort, we were violently shooed away by a few policemen. We lost our cool as the drive itself was arduous and to top it all this was least expected. Taking another round in that chaotic traffic was unimaginable. Anyway, we were not allowed to take a turn and so we had to proceed further down the road. When we saw a small gap to take a turn, turn we did and came back in closer to the resort and parked where we could and called up the resort. The security was then sent to fetch us and finally we arrived at the resort, tired and upset. The resort was beautifully located, very close to Coaker’s Walk and the Kodai Lake.

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Having checked in and after having a refreshing drink, we proceeded to our rooms, checked in our luggage and had lunch at the dining hall of the resort. Lunch was sumptuous and fulfilling, we retired to our rooms for a much needed rest. Evening saw us walking down Coaker’s Walk in jolly good mood as we had rested well and that was an evening well spent.

Dinner was an excellent time as our friends from Mumbai who were also on a short holiday to Kodai joined in. With a hop into our room saw us chat up till late into the night and as we retreated into our cozy beds we realized that Kodai had already made memories for us. The following day saw us having a quick breakfast at the resort and proceed to pillar rock, enroute we passed the pine forests, Guna caves. Nazareth church and one of our friends home were visited on the same day. It was a morning well spent as we chatted up on many things and had lunch at Aby’s Cafe, rested, walked on Coaker’s Walk again, around the lake too,but this time the view was different though. Retiring to our rooms early as it was a very cold clime we decided to spend sometime browsing, watching television etc.

The following morning saw me throwing up many times as something I had eaten the previous day didn’t agree with me. So I decided to lie low on a ginger lime juice diet for the day with a medication and total rest. By evening I was feeling better and decided to have dinner. But then dinner also went for a toss after sometime. So going to bed was not so pleasant as the other times. The next morning, I was feeling hungry, so I knew that my stomach was back on track and was upset a wee bit because it was a day to return back home.

Breakfast was carefully chosen from a buffet and eaten. We Checked out and headed towards Kochi with brief stop overs for small purchases, lunch at Kollengode and coffee at Tonico cafe on our way back. Reached back home safely without much damage.
It is raining in Kodai every evening, every night. So carry warm clothes, umbrellas and enough gear to gear up for a beautiful holiday in Kodai. We enjoyed and so will you. Most important information, choose a good, cozy, comfortable stay to your budget.

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Suma George

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