Poem | Evenings Like These by Srishti Srivastava


Sipping down my hot chocolate on a winter’s night
My mind already out to lunch
A thought that everything has changed now
Broke my reverie

Souls do get lost sometimes
In the fallacy of this world
Little do they know, the forelorn ends of the tale
How very piteous souls

While i ambled along the riverbank,
Trying to lay aside my thoughts
The cold green bench on the bank,
Evoked the pleasant memories, now a bygone

Life is an enigma to me
It can be traumatic sometimes
But also can be as pleasing as the orb of the night
Or the tinge of felicity of autumnal evening

I am purely in the state of awe
Done with the people the riff raff
The world and so with my chocolate
Strolling back to my cabin, beginning a new life

Article contributed by:

Srishti Srivastava

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