Poem | Falling


I think about it
but I can’t feel it
and I think I’m too scared to
because letting go of you would mean
that you weren’t the one

That I can’t love
that it wasn’t even love
but I can’t let that happen
because it’s the purest I have felt

You make me look in the mirror
make me pick up the pieces
put me together
make me stand so that I can reach out to myself
so that I can feel myself be real
real enough to be loved before the apocalypse
because, I will die
you will die
and so will everything else

I will disintegrate till there is nothing left of me
And nothing left of anything else
Still some of me will crawl to find some of you
And the world will have something new
Is that what happens when two people make love,
Forget themselves to build someone new?

Don’t worry
I won’t lose you
Cause some of me who meets some of someone else will tell them how you are
I always carry some of you
But some of you will be forgotten as well
I guess that makes some of me happy too

I can’t live with the whole of myself
And I can only remember some things
So it’s either you or me
And some of someone else will also want you
The universe always does
So I choose you

I chose you as I pushed myself
Until I fell
And if you want to save me
Don’t let me hit the ground
Let me fall within myself
Let me fall harder
For you.

Article contributed by:

Saumya Rastogi

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