Poem | Just Breathe


So I decided to breathe today

Just to get through another day

But deeper, slower I let in the air

So that I feel every movement

That my body goes through every moment

The way my unshapely nose

Puckers at every whiff of air

Air that slides inside me

Easily, in the most for-granted way possible

And reaches my lungs & all the machinery within

I feel my body rising slowly

Gently, almost innocently

As if feeling the touch of an old lover

The ease with which it does so baffles me

Shyly, plainly, romantics the act

The way my back arches slightly

My chest fills in and feels full

It tingles a bit, down till my stomach

And leaves me unfathomably satisfied

Like a stolen kiss in a public place

But then it slides out

That teeny-tiny bit of air

It leaves me, unnoticed

But only to the prying eyes of a stranger

My body misses it instantly

So much so that I draw in another whiff

Of plain old air, over and over again

It feels like I have come to know a secret mission

Of which only my body was aware

And the process turns into a seamless symphony resembling love-making

Love making where there is familiarity

There is lust but an imperceptible clarity

The thought makes me uncomfortably aroused

In a mystical, not so sexual way

It leaves me missing something I never had

So I breathe again, like I had decided

But no longer to just get through another day

Now, also to love myself with every breath

To replace that old lover I miss

So that I could be more than a stolen kiss.

Article contributed by:

Suravi Sarawgi
Managing Editor - The Spokesmen.in

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