Poem | There She Goes


There she goes
With each and every thought that flows.
Painful memories flooding her mind
Never leaving those days behind
She is strong
Even though she is sometimes wrong
She questions herself
“was all this worth it?
Why did it have to end this way?
Was everything, from the very start,
Meant to go astray?”
OBLIVION was all she seeked now
It was her shallow
Her shelter from the deep and dangerous sea
Yes, she was broken indeed!
Had it all been a dream?
She doesn’t seem to know
Her dream of the world being a happy place,
All melting away like snow.
Her innocence killed
Smashed, crushed all the way
“Ruthless she is” is what others say
Let there be peace, love and happiness is all she prays
She wants to be the change
The flare that starts the fire altogether
She wants to touch the stars
She wants to sing her heart out
She wants to love like nobody has
She wants to give the world hope
Something to look forward to
Something to wake up for
Is that too much to ask for?
Yes, she is harsh
But what made her that?
All those painful things she heard,
All the loathsome things people said
Made her foster hate for her close ones
Satisfaction is something they never seemed to find
Their thirst for perfection was never satiated
She felt like she was a liability
Something they were ashamed of
Yes, she hated when she burst out on the people whom she loved
But what else was her way of venting out?
Her solace became a boy
The one who loved her
Who adored her
The one who made her believe that there was still hope
He was her rock
The firm and dependable stand
The one who taught her to be calm
He spoke to her everyday
Made sure she was alright
Consoled her when she cried…
though she was rude to him at times,
He gave her second chances
He was her midsummer night’s dream come true
How long would he stay by her side?
She wasn’t sure
He was promising and his love for her- unconditional, irrevocable and extraordinary.
She asked him to wait
So he did
If he doesn’t have her
The sun doesn’t shine
His world doesn’t turn
And her love for him grew each day
Every passing minute only made it increase
“It’s just a phase” she said
“I guess it is INFATUATION”
But who knew that she was fostering only love for him
He was all that she could ask for
But she knew that her heart was beyond repair
She thought of herself as the carrier of ill-luck and unhappiness
She tried distancing him
But it only got them closer
And what happens next
She couldn’t say
But all she knew was that things were meant to be this way
She started being happy
She laughed and enjoyed life
For him she tried
And all she asked for now
Was a stable, happy and peaceful future
Without a broken heart and shattered dreams,
Without nightmares and those hollow screams!

Article contributed by:

Amrita. S. Nair

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    1. Thank you so much Indu Sir!
      I am glad you liked it. Its people like you who inspire me to be a better person and a writer! Truly inspired by your writings 🙂

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