Poem | War


The bloody battlefield, makes me sick every time I look at it
The carnage, the butchery, it makes me question our sanity
Half-rotten corpses, forever imprinted faces
They hail me a hero, I laugh at our brutality

Trenches filled with the blood of the sacrificed
Cemeteries wet with the tears of the grieving
I watched as the widows beat at their breasts
I closed my eyes as louder grew their keening

Ceremonies held to honour the survivors
Meaningless speeches to pacify the dead
Medals bestowed upon the war heroes
I smiled in amusement, “We have won” they said

For what did we fight, this godless Armageddon
To satisfy our arrogance, to pleasure our conceit
Thousands of lives, lost for nothing
The bureaucrats celebrate, it’s the common man’s defeat

It’s hard to digest, that this is called winning
Annihilating a country, imprisoning it’s citizens
Destroying their homes, and tearing apart their families
Sorrow all around, as the country is ripped off it’s denizens

The prisoners of war are tortured into lunacy
Some are made slaves, while some are cruelly executed
Their wails resonate across the winning city
Yet we’re forced to get inebriated

The faces of the dead still haunt me every night
Every soldier I felled, every mother I destroyed
Guilt and horror ravages my soul
I cling on to hope, else I may slip into the void

Justify I cannot, my actions and my deeds
No nation will be satisfied, it’ll happen once more
A lifetime of misery is all it gives
The harbinger of devastation, the agony called war.

Article contributed by:

Jatin Kocherlakota

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