Poem | What is Love? by Gautham Krishna


Most of us wonder what love is.
A blissful feeling,
The purest emotion,
One to enrich us,
One to instigate us to initiate,
One to entice us.
Born from the mother’s heart,
Evolved by the man’s caress,
Ended with the invaluable streaks on the face.
It isn’t about two people in the alley.
It isn’t about the exchange of vows.
The dog wagging it’s fluffy tail,
Eyes filled with delight,
That is love.
The mother’s pain filled corpse,
Yet eyes filled with the mist of heavens ,
Hearing her child wail in her blood,
That is love.
When daddy says ” I am his father “,
And not ” He is my son”,
The pride in his voice,
That is love.
The pride in the mother’s eye,
When her new born kid says “Ma “,
That is love.
Love isn’t something vile.
Love is the gift of Gods.
The hearth in the cold winter,
The intensity of which burns in every soul,
Embers of the summer sun,
Extinguishing the pain in us,
Beckoning us to rejoice, relish and re create memories ,one to other .
The abode of humilitude .

Article contributed by:

Gautham Krishna

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