Ready, Steady, Study!


Board exams are considered to be the most crucial examination one has to appear for. It’s December, exams are round the corner and I bet the 3 evils- tension, anxiety and pressure are giving you tiresome days and sleepless nights. The prime reasons for tension could be lack of preparation, pressure of proving yourself or even constant nagging by your parents and teachers. But, believe it or not what really counts is the effort that you put in.

Time is gold and it’s still in your court. Usain Bolt makes a difference in a faction of a second and you have three months to make a difference. Yes, the syllabus is vast but proper time management and the ability to concentrate will prove to be beneficial. Chalk out an effective time table and try and follow it as closely possible. Do spare sometime for deep breathing in the morning, it will help you keep your calm and also rejuvenate your mind. Free hand exercise, healthy meals and sound sleep of at least 5hrs are imperative for proper functioning of the body, after all you definitely can’t afford to fall sick now or during exams. If a particular subject is bothering you ensure that you dedicate significant time to it, do not procrastinate, it’ll only build on to the pressure.

Maths and Science can be the ‘ghosts under the bed’ that haunt some of you, but don’t get stressed, solve the examples first and then proceed on to solving the exercises, try to understand each step and refrain from mugging up sums, rather try memorising the formulae. In maths, certain chapters are relatively more important, in terms of marks. Therefore, more time and effort should be allotted towards the preparation and revision of those sections. Practise the diagrams in Physics and Biology innumerable times, in order to increase your speed and clarity. History, Civics, Geography and Economics should be given at least an hour per day individually. Map-pointing should be practised on a regular basis. Mugging up won’t suffice in these subjects, make notes as you read, take note of every important detail and revise regularly, only then will you remember the nuances clearly. During the course of preparation if you come across a doubt, clarify it immediately and don’t wait for the last day. Most of us assume English to be the easiest subject, dedicating the least amount of effort to it and end up scoring lower than expected. This is why two hours should be allotted to both English Language and Literature. Practise letter- writing, article writing and other writing lessons. Always write the Literature answers so that you can further refine the quality while you are revising. If not for every subject, make sure you buy sample papers for those subjects you’re weak at, because practise makes a man perfect.


Try approaching the exams with an optimistic and confident outlook. Do not panic if you don’t know the answer to a particular question, it’ll only extinguish your spirit, park the problem aside until you finish answering all the questions you know. Time management is important even while writing your paper, allot time to every section judiciously.

If anyone demeans you by comparing you to someone who is academically better than you do not feel low. It hurts for sure but take it as a challenge and not as an insult. Have faith in yourself because only you can define yourself. And remember, the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war. Therefore, put in your best so that you don’t regret when the results are out. All the best!

Article contributed by:

Prerna Mitra
In-House Writer

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