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Tom Cruise is known for his sexy look and acting style and does not disappoint in his latest movie, American Made. This movie, directed by Doug Liman, is a sort of history movie, talking about one of the most infamous criminal activities and the most major covert operation in the US. The operation spawns the birth of the Medellin cartel and almost brings down the Reagan White House. Liman has director other films like Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity to name a few. He is yet to release two movies namely, Gambit and Chaos Walking.

The movie is about a TWA pilot named Barry Seal played by Tom Cruise, who is recruited by the CIA to take pictures from a small plane in a clandestine reconnaissance mission during the cold war between Russia and the States in 1975. The story shows us how the Colombians used Seal to smuggle drugs into America and also brings to light the corrupt practices within the officials of the US. Another item that Seal is to smuggle is that of weapons that needed to be transported to Nicaragua, so that men there would be equipped to fight for their freedom.

The feel of the movie is that of the time during which the incident took place. The director makes an effort to make this biographical flick feel like it’s a story of the past. The very beginning of the movie shows us a glimpse of what America is all about, with a small dialogue from President Reagan and similar visuals of how amazing America is. The movie is based on a true story. The scenes in the movie are shot in a way that gives a sort of subtle tension throughout the movie. Smuggling items isn’t an easy business and the anxiousness that keeps building inside, with every scene just becomes a stepping stone to what happens at the end. The subplots, in the movie, give the audience a relief from the seriousness of it all that contributes to the overall feel after the movie is over.

Not much is there to be said about the story-line, as it is a biography. But, the screenplay and the dialogues are spot-on. The way the dialogues are conveyed is a form of art and the emotion during the scenes are smartly communicated, especially the scene where Seal and his friend come to meet the drug lords. As mentioned before, the tension and seriousness of the situation itself is carefully conveyed to the audience. The film is labelled as being a comedy film. A story that could have easily been an action film, with serious ‘James Bond’ like scenes, has been taken to be a comic of one of America’s most major operations all thanks to Doug Liman and we salute him for it.

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