An Ode To The Parents



Do you remember doing that?

Childhood is the best stage of a person’s life, maybe because we are unaware of the reality of the world or maybe because we had that one person to take care of us 24 *7. Our mothers, fathers and guardians become the perfect facilitators, who introduce us to the world, we see the world as they show it. We get so attached to them that there comes a moment when we can’t even imagine living without them.

However, Life never fails to astound us, the same ‘we’ with the onset of adulthood demand a life with independence. It is pretty easy for the society to contemplate and explain the dejections of parents and guardians once their offspring gets going with one’s life but don’t you think it’s a two-way process.

I recently read the poem “To a Daughter Leaving Home” by Linda Pastan, a free verse poem delineating the memory of a mother teaching her daughter how to ride a bicycle. The poet subtly extends the metaphor of life as a bicycle’s journey both smooth and rough at times. It says that the bicycle’s journey makes us fall sometimes but also provides the motivation to rise. The poem portrays a mother’s perspective on the emotional situation of her young daughter leaving home and facing the world independently.

It is indisputable that the above-given situation is difficult for both the mother and the daughter. Leaving one’s home, the warmth of a mother and going to a whole new world for the first time is indeed nostalgic, sad and apprehensive. Generally, such a case is witnessed when daughters leave home and join hostels. New food, new surroundings, new faces to interact with and the whole new idea of living all by yourself without your mother is too melancholic.

Catherine Pulsifer quotes, “A mother’s treasure is her daughter.” However, it won’t be wrong to believe that a daughter’s treasure is none other than her mother.

The poem reflects the plight of a mother when her daughter leaves home but it is crucial to think that the plight of a daughter is painful too. She might also be getting reminiscences of her mother being there to lift her up every time she fell while learning bicycle but now that she is old enough, she has to help herself. It might be saddening for her to realise that nobody would instruct her with the same warmth and care as her mother did because now she is expected to learn everything herself. It might be upsetting to comprehend that she cannot easily do away with mistakes as she did while learning bicycle as now there isn’t anybody to console and motivate her. There are millions of things that would make a daughter crave for her mother because maybe the daughter wasn’t present in every moment of her mother’s life but the mother has been present since the day she started breathing.

It isn’t possible on any of our parts to forever remain in our comfort zones, we have to break this shell and move out in order to do something for the society just how the daughter did. It has been the custom of life since time immemorial and it shall remain like that. It is very important for us to accept the increasing stages of life. If we interrupt increment then there are chances of our development is hampered. Leaving is a part of growing up; it provides incentives to take charge of life.

Life is full of trials and tribulations just as the journey on the bicycle but this is where its beauty lies. The profound lesson that Life teaches us is to adapt to the situation and keep going on no matter what. Indeed difficult situations might appear like hurdles every now and then, maybe they would injure us so much that perhaps we trip and fall but the key is to get up and let hope lighten our spirit and mind.

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Neha Nanda
In-house Writer

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