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It’s that time of the year when everyone starts planning for a summer holiday, when we’re done with exams and finally are freed from the torture of assignments and tests. A quick weekend getaway is usually what everyone opts for and most people are just fed up of going to the same places again and again. Goa? Been there. Coorg? Done that. If you stay in Bangalore, these are some of the places to visit and have an adventure.

1. Kuduremukh

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Situated in the Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, this place is a perfect alternative holiday destination for a weekend getaway. It’s a short 7 hour drive from Bangalore city to this amazing town of Kuduremukh and is primarily a hill station but has a number of things to offer. There is a national park that is known for the protection of tigers and also houses a number of elephants among other animals. One can choose to go trekking to the peak of the second highest hill in Karnataka.

2. Gokarna

Source: Plan the Unplanned

Known to be a temple town, Gokarna has more to offer than one expects. This place is seen to be an alternative summer destination to Goa, which tends to get crowded during the holiday season. Just a 9 hour drive from Bangalore, this destination has wonderful beaches that will make you want to dive right in. If you’re religious, this could be the place for you, as it encompasses about seven Hindu pilgrimage centres. So, affirm your faith and relax on the beach this summer.

3. Kabini

The Kabini River is a tributary of the Kaveri River and is about 240 km long. It is known for its rich variety of flora and fauna and is located on the border of Karnataka and Kerala. Situated on the banks of this river, Kabini is known for its wildlife that attracts nature lovers from all over the globe. This picturesque destination is home to exotic wildlife, which can be experienced through safaris and also includes boat rides on the rivers. This is a perfect holiday destination for those seeking to reconnect with nature’s bounties.

4. Madikeri

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Madikeri, which was previously called Mercara, is a scenic hill station that is known for its numerous tea and coffee estates. Large spaces of lush green estates give the place a peaceful and serene vibe throughout the hills. The hills have forests and a pleasant weather that will serve as an escape from the heat and pollution of the city. Being just five and a half hour away from Bangalore, this is perfect for a last minute getaway. And, as a plus point, you can check out the sights in Mysore on the way there as well. The hill station is also known for its honey, cinnamon and black pepper that fills the air in the town area. One can go trekking or indulge in a coffee tour.

5. Halebid

Halebeedu is known to be a heritage sight and was known to be the capital city of the Hoysala rulers during the 12th century and the 13th century. The city is a cultural delight as it houses numerous temples and Jain shrines all over the city. The history of the city is rich and attracts tourists from all over the world. Just a short 3 hour journey from Bangalore, this destination can help you reconnect with your roots and learn something new about our rich Indian culture. The city is located about 30 km from Hassan and can be seen as an alternative destination to Hampi. So, drive to Halebid or Halebeedu as it was formerly called, and have a relaxing time with your family.

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