What a Delivery!


Let’s take a moment to remember the ones who bring us bundles of joy. Let’s use that moment to remember those who satisfy our belly when we have no other option or when we’re just lazy. Yes. Here is a piece, or rather a report on what’s been happening in the food delivery services. Of course it doesn’t include everything, but perhaps the ones that make a difference in terms of attitude and maybe a vote or two. Hundreds of men on scooters and bikes toil day in and day out, getting food to people around the city. With their company-given uniforms and a huge square-shaped bag that reminds one of a large lunch bag, all they do is stroll around town connecting customers to restaurants. But, why have they been in the news recently? 

There have been multiple incidents about these delivery boys, some good, but mostly bad. Yeah, they go all-day bringing food to everyone around town and yes, it is hard and unforgiving. However, that doesn’t mean they can steal. There have been quite a few cases of them stealing food from customers they deliver to. Where do you think the problem starts? Is it because they just like stealing food? Are their lunch breaks not good enough? Are they not provided with enough money to sustain themselves? 

Certain messages one gets on the phone have statements like, “Become a Delivery Partner with S***** and earn up to Rs. 25000 per month, with incentives and 6lacs insurance benefits.” Well, I haven’t really spoken to any of them but through this message, you can see that this doesn’t seem like a bad package. So what is the problem? 

Well, not all of it is bad. There have been instances of the delivery boy being the Good Samaritan. One example is that of the case in Mumbai, where a food delivery boy saved 10 people from a massive fire at a hospital. Going into a burning building to save people in need, this gives us a ray of hope in humanity. And then there’s the fact that there is a man who was a delivery boy, who will be contesting in the elections this year as an individual candidate. Janifar Russell, a techie and a part-time food delivery boy has decided to take part in the Karnataka election, contesting with other candidates from Congress, BJP and JDS, among other parties. Now the question remains, will people vote for him, knowing that he was a delivery boy. This is just the beginning of what may start a whole new section of people. Of course, all the delivery boys in the area would support him, if he has the right interests in mind. And having someone represent a rising group of people with similar struggles and mindset doesn’t make it hard to create a union probably. Well, there is a good number of them in the city and it is quite certain that he might have a chance to win as well. But I guess it’s a little early to say anything about this.

Article contributed by:

Roshni Rajagopal
News Director

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